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Gester International Co., Ltd is professionally engaged in production and R&D of physical properties testing equipment.


Gester International Co., Ltd is a dedicated manufacturer and wholesaler of physical testing instrument in China.


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company news
china latest news about Analysis of influencing factors of moisture permeability test
On December 9, 2021
At present, in addition to the beauty and fashion requirements of textile fabrics, people also have more and more requirements for functionality, such as thermal comfort, wind resistance, breathability, moisture permeability and waterproofness, warmth retention, etc., which measure the comfort of ...
china latest news about Simple Troubleshooting Of Tensile Testing Machine
On November 27, 2021
Simple Troubleshooting Of Tensile Testing Machine Users in the use of universal material testing machine, sometimes there will be some failures. If the user can deal with the failure in time, it can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise, which is especially important when the project is on ...
china latest news about How to remedy the failure of dyeing?
On October 20, 2021
Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile product like fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Dyes are obtained from flowers, nuts, berries and other forms of vegetables and plants as well as from animal and mineral sources. These are known as natural dyes. The other class of dyes is known as synthetic ...
china latest news about What Is The Textile Burst Strength Test
On October 12, 2021
Textile burst strength test The bursting strength of the fabric refers to the phenomenon that when the fabric is partially subjected to an external force perpendicular to its plane, it expands and ruptures, which is called the bursting strength of the fabric. Commonly used bursting strength test ...
china latest news about Causes And Solutions For Color Stains
On September 7, 2021
Causes and solutions for color stains Color stains are those that appear on the dyed fabric with regular, similar shape and size or irregular, irregular shape and size are not fixed, and the color of the dyed fabric is the same color. This kind of problem is difficult to repair once it occurs, which ...