January 5, 2021

What are the structural components of the shoe flexing testing machine

The Shoes Flexing Tester adopts the method of simulating the walking of shoes, simulating the bending angle of running, and after continuous reciprocating bending under the conditions of fixed frequency, fixed time and fixed angle, it is judged whether it is degummed or cracked. This instrument can be used as a basis for testing the quality of shoes, and can also be used as a bending resistance test instrument for shoe soles. It is dedicated to the bending resistance test of finished footwear; to understand the damage degree of the finished footwear under repeated bending; and the damage degree of each glued surface. This data can be used as a reference for improvement and quality control by the manufacturer in the shoemaking process.



The Whole Shoes Flexing Tester consists of the following structural components:

  1. Swing the metal plate, the swing frequency is 140 times/min;
  2. Two artificial feet with adjustable size and position;
  3. Digital counter, with reset function, can be set for the required number of tests;
  4. Angle adjustment device, which can be adjusted to the zero position (start position);
  5. A water reservoir with a small water pump is connected to the workbench to keep the sample shoe sole wet after loading. (Please use the protective cover during the wet test);
  6. The control panel can switch the working status of the instrument and set the counter, including: through the air switch, start button, stop button, manual button, reset button, preset electronic counter.

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The Whole Shoes Flexing Testing Machine simulates the tortuous state of the upper leather during walking while wearing shoes. The sample material is clamped with an inverted V-shaped clamp. The clamps must be able to move relative to each other, so that when the two clamps are close, the sample material will bend and a downward During the testing of the four upward folds around the downward fold, the fixture must be able to vibrate at a constant speed so that the sample can be bent repeatedly to observe the damage or salt spots of the sample.



GESTER Footwear Testing Equipments:

  • Whole Shoes Flexing Tester (Test 4 samples) GT-KA01-2
  • Whole Shoes Flexing Tester (Test 2 Samples) GT-KA01-2B
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