May 14, 2021

Why do we need CO2 incubator?

Why do we need CO2 incubator?

We can explain from the working principle of CO2 Incubator.


Carbon Dioxide Incubator for cell culture is used to detect the CO2 concentration in the box, and transmit the detection results to the control circuit and solenoid valve and other control devices.


The laboratory incubator micro-processing control system and other various functional accessories , such as high and low temperature automatic adjustment and alarm devices, CO2 alarm devices, password protection settings, etc., microbiological incubator can maintain the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration in the incubator in a steady state.


What is the tructural characteristics and requirements of CO2 incubator for cell culture?

1. The microbiology incubator inner tank is made by argon arc welding of mirror-finished stainless steel or drawing plate, and the four corners are semicircular and easy to clean.


2. Carbon Dioxide Incubator Microcomputer temperature controller, with small temperature fluctuations.


3. best co2 incubator provide sterilization function, which can be sterilized by automatic high temperature hot air sterilization or by circulating air through the ultraviolet cavity.


4. Lab CO2 incubators Independent temperature limit alarm system, automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accident.


5. Cell Incubator CO2 uses of door temperature control can effectively prevent condensation on the glass door in the box.


6. Water jacket co2 incubator type is equipped with a microbial filter, which can filter the air in the incubator and remove 99.97% of particles above 0.3μm.


7. Equipped with CO2 pressure reducing valve.


8. Water in cell culture incubator Moisture is generated by the evaporation of the humidifying pan to maintain high humidity.


9. The concentration of carbon dioxide can be measured by infrared sensor (IR) or thermal conductivity sensor (TC).


10. CO2 cell incubator measurement system will drift after being used for a period of time, so the incubator should be equipped with the CO2 incubator cost measurement system automatic calibration function.


With the great R&D strength of products and great production capability, GESTER guarantees biochemistry equipments to be quality-reliable and professional.
Regarding biochemical equipment, we are divided into the following categories:


1. Cooling Incubator
a. -5-70℃ R134a Refrigerant Bacteriological Incubator Biochemistry Lab Equipments
b. -40-65℃ PID Controller Bacteriological Cooling Incubator
c. Cooling Incubator Biochemistry Lab Equipments
d. BOD Socket 60%RH Biochemistry Lab Equipments Cooling Incubator


2. Natural Convection Incubator
a. 5-65℃ Natural Convection 10L Laboratory Incubators


3. Heating Incubator
a. Lcd Programmable Controller Heating RS485 Lab Incubator
b. 700W 270L Electric Heated Incubator For Biology Cultivation


4. Water Jacket Incubator
a. Cell Culture Touchscreen 240L Water Jacketed Co2 Incubator


5. Air jacket Incubator
a. 900W 190L Touch Screen Air Jacket Co2 Incubator Biochemistry Lab Equipments
b. ISO RS485 connector Biochemistry Lab Equipments Carbon Dioxide Incubator

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